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Sustainable Practices

Eco Friendly Practices

Here at Grassy Flats Resort & Beach Club we are attempting a resort business model that has, until now, never been accomplished in the Florida Keys. Bottom lines and revenue are a high priority in the standard business model, but unfortunately those goals most often do not align with the best interests of the environment. At Grassy Flats we answer to many stakeholders such as our customers, employees and the individuals who have invested so much into building this business. This we have in common with our competitors, but we believe that a key stakeholder is left out and forgotten all too often in the name of profit. That stakeholder is our environment and all the creatures that reside within it that are directly impacted by negligent and irresponsible business management. We want to change that. We hope to set a new precedent where ALL stakeholders, including the delicate environment in which our business is operated, are not only considered, but prioritized.

How We Will Get There

Opening in May of 2018, we have only just begun and have already implemented several green initiatives throughout the property such as using plant-based detergents, our in-house recycling program, the exclusion of pesticides and herbicides from our gardens, seaweed composting program, and more. In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, our Negative Consumption Power Program is a three-year goal to build a surplus of solar grids that generate more power than consumed onsite. This would not only cover the power needed to operate our resort, but also provide power to our local neighbors using sustainable energy and alleviate the nuclear power grid that is energized from Turkey Point. These goals are ambitious and the first of their kind, but with the help and support of our customers and community, are completely attainable. To learn more about our green initiatives and programs follow us on Facebook or Instagram @grassyflats.

Sustainable Practices