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Lobster Mini Season: An Extra Day of a Florida Summer Tradition

An extension to the annual two-day lobster mini season was recently announced, adding an extra day exclusive to Florida residents.

A Spiny Lobster under a coral head in the Florida Keys.

What is Mini Season?

Lobster mini season is a beloved tradition among divers and seafood enthusiasts in Florida. It occurs in late July, just before the regular lobster season begins. This mini season allows recreational divers a unique opportunity to catch spiny lobsters before commercial fishing begins.

This year, mini season is set for July 24 and 25, but Florida residents have a chance to get a head start on Sunday, July 14. The regular recreational lobster season opens up on August 6.

How to Prepare

  • Check Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the latest rules and regulations set by the FWC to ensure compliance and sustainable fishing practices.


  • Stay Informed: Monitor weather conditions and stay updated on any safety advisories or marine warnings before heading out.

  • Respect the Environment: Use responsible diving and fishing practices to protect our Florida Keys ecosystem for future generations.

Bringing your own boat? 

Here are the boat ramps that are closest to Grassy Flats!

Cooked lobster tails on a plate with lemon slices.

Adding an extra day to lobster mini season means more excitement, more catches, and more memories, and Grassy Flats offers the perfect spot for mini season pros and first-timers to soak up the fun.

With full kitchens to cook your catch, multiple bedrooms for all of your divers, and roomy accommodations with enough space to store your lobstering gear, our Conch House suites are perfect for your mini season getaway!


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