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SUSTAINABly Operated


We are a part of a delicate ecosystem here in the Florida Keys that is so beautiful we think everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. While tourism is important to our community, responsible tourism is the only way that the Florida Keys will be able to continue to be here for many generations to come.

We are an environmentally conscious resort and are dedicated to operating as sustainably as we can. This means we work hard to eliminate single-use plastics, individually packaged items, and other materials that are harmful to our ecosystem. This also means there are a few things you won't find here at Grassy Flats, including K-cups, single-use shampoo and conditioner bottles, vending machines, or plastic water bottles.


The movement towards a sustainable business, lifestyle, and travel doesn't happen overnight. We need your help to accomplish this task. It takes individuals and businesses coming together to take small steps towards permanent change, and every little bit helps.

Local artist's mural painting of a cat

Arts & Culture Program

While sustainability plays a pivotal role in our business model, it is also important that we pay homage to the history and culture of the Florida Keys. What was once a thriving community of local artists and musicians has been reformed with price hikes and tourism, but we hope to foster an environment that brings artists back to the Florida Keys to create once again.

Through our Artists in Residency program, our Conch House rooms give local artists a place to let their work come alive and bring creativity back to the Keys. 

Grassy Key bananas

"Grassy Grown" Initiative

Between our Tower Gardens and the botanical garden at The Lagoon, our goal is to grow everything we use at the resort from cocktail garnishes to future food programs. This produce includes, but is not limited to, Grassy Key bananas, papayas, cucumbers, peppers, and an assortment of herbs. 

All of the gardening done on the property is done so without the use of herbicides and pesticides. We also use local organic composting.

Beach on Grassy Key, FL.

Seaweed Composting Program

Everyone loves a pristine, sandy, white beachfront when they go on vacation, but sometimes nature has other plans. At certain times of the year, we must rake our beach to clear it of seaweed when the tides are high. This not only ensures a beautiful beach for our guests but also allows us to compost the seaweed for our organic gardens.

Craft cocktails in the Florida Keys

Zero-Waste Bar Initiative

Our bars have the goal of becoming zero-waste. Through this initiative we plan to prove that being sustainable does not mean compromising quality or flavor.

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